Swimming pools are the ultimate attraction for vacationers coming to the sunshine state, and for home owners living here. Swimming pools offer a perfect place to relax and have fun after the rigors of a long day at Disney, Lego-Land, Sea World, Universal Studios and the other major attractions in this area, or as just a place to chill at the end of a long day, or week.

Nothing is more upsetting, than an unclean pool that you can’t use and enjoy. Kissimmee Pools is a family owned business, and it is our goal to ensure that we do our very best to keep the pool in the best condition possible, so home owners and guests are able to enjoy the pool whenever they choose.

Kissimmee Pools has been providing quality pool service and repairing swimming pools, in the Attractions areas for years.

We aim to be more than just a pool company; we really care about the water quality in which you or your guests will be bathing, to ensure we create the right environment that is safe and sanitary for paying guests, family and friends.

Our commitment to providing the right swimming environment has led us to research and investigate, Eco-friendly Hypo-allergenic sanitizing solutions which refrain from using Chlorine, so that everyone, especially children are not exposed to harmful chemicals and there possible side effects. Please ask us for more information on these exciting developments.

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