• Weekly Cleaning & Maintenance Services
    We thank you for considering Kissimmee Pools, and we propose to take care of your pools on a weekly basis including the following actions at each pool:

    • Vacuum or brush pool to clear any sand, dirt or algae, leaving the pool ready for use.
    • Net the pool to clear the surface of any floating debris.
    • Regular Cleaning of filter cartridges. Inspect and report when recommended for replacement.
    • Test and adjust chemical levels.
    • Brush tile line as required, removing debris, or using detergent to remove scum lines.
    • Inspect pool area and pool equipment for problems or defects, photographing and emailing anything that needs attention.
    • Regular wash down of pool deck.
    • Complete on site report card with chemical readings, actions performed and any defect notes.
  • Emergency / As-Needed Service Calls
  • Pool Inspections
  • System Diagnostics Checks
  • Preventative Maintenance

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