I have owned a property in Davenport Florida for about 10 months now. The pool was dark green and needed a major clean. We were introduced to a guy that was well dressed and very polite. I was quite convinced he knew what he was talking about. [But] things kept going wrong, the pool never seemed to be cleaned except when he knew we were coming, pumps needed replacing and I was quite concerned as to how rough the pool lining had become after he had acid washed it. My children were coming out with cuts and grazes. I then called in Kissimmee Pools.  [They] had to relined my pool for the damaged the other guy caused and pointed out several other faults that had been overlooked. We are now on a weekly maintenance contract with [Kissimmee Pools], the pool looks like new and the Jacuzzi does things I didn’t know it could for 8 months. [Kissimmee Pools] is the best thing that ever happened to our pool and would recommend [them] to anyone. Thanks.”

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